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CityCharge was created to tackle the ever-increasing demand for safe and intelligent charging infrastructure. What is more, the product makes a stand against the rising chaos in the public space.

By 2030 an additional 1.7 million charging poles need to be placed in the Netherlands. That’s as many as 600 every day!

CityCharge was developed together with a number of leading companies active in the public space, and modelled on Nedal’s patented light pole – a highly secure aluminium construction that is the go-to solution for the public space industry.

CityCharge is the low-profile charging solution for public spaces in Smart Cities.

Explanation CityCharge

Public chaos

Smart City starts here

A future-proof lamp post

Traditional lamp posts will be replaced by multifunctional light poles that include a charging station as well as other applications like integrated measurement and control technology, CCTV and 5G.

Public peace is guaranteed and streets become fully future-proof. Charging pole operators take full charge of related costs, which is financially advantageous for light post owners.

Charge your City


Scan & Load

CityCharge through QR

Starting the charging process is straightforward and uses all common charging passes as well as alternative and future-proof methods. Users without a charging pass, e.g. foreign visitors, can initiate the charging process through a QR-code on the charging pole app, and pay using their current account.


Financial advantages

The Smart City Nederland concept by BNG bank & Primevest Capital Partners offers municipalities a smart and carefree solution. www.smartcitynederland.com

Plug & Charge

Autonomous management

CityCharge is a plug and play/charge solution. Operator Dutch Charge is responsible for its management and maintenance, while payments for charging are done through Dutch Charge’s backoffice.

Semi Public

The solution

For parking lots, hotels, shopping centres, office buildings and renovated sites alike.

Smart City

Street scenes of the future

The coming decade will see significant changes in traditional street scenes, which will be dominated by electric cars that need charge stations on the street. CityCharge offers the smart, safe and cheap way of doing just that.

Smart City

Smart City Nederland is a joint project by a.o. Primevest Capital Partners and BNG Bank N.V. that aims to assist municipalities in financing and renewing their public lighting infrastructure, thereby enhancing its sustainability. CityCharge is the perfect match for this initiative.



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